Ancient athens school
Athens and sparta

In which mr. Corwin explains the differences between athens and sparta to illustrate how cultures in various city states could be quite different. Also, drawing.

Democracy in athens

In which mr. Corwin discusses the development of democracy in athens, greece. Video notes:

The school of athens (in our time, 26/3/09)

Discussing the school of athens the fresco painted by the italian renaissance painter, raphael, for pope julius iis private library in the vatican. The fresco.

Ancient greece song by mr. nicky

Teachers: mr. Nicky performs school assemblies and workshops across the country, helping your classes write their own educational parodies! Please send.

Geography and early greece

In which mr. Corwin describes the geography of greece and how it influenced the cultures that lived there. He also discusses the minoans and mycenaeans and.

This is sparta fierce warriors of the ancient world - craig zimmer

View full lesson: in ancient greece, violent internal conflict between.

Financial crisis! economic lessons from ancient athens

Edward e. Cohen, adjunct professor of classical studies, university of pennsylvania, and trustee emeritus, american school of classical studies at athens, will.

Book presentation shipsheds of the ancient mediterranean

David blackman, kalliopi baika and jari pakkanen present the book shipsheds of the ancient mediterranean by themselves and b. Rankov, h. Gerding and j.

Life in ancient athens song

Watch students perform original songs about daily life in ancient athens.

Ancient greek city states: athens and sparta

One of mr. Pahls podcasts for his world history classes at bartlett high school. This video compares two well known greek city-states, athens and sparta.